a Whiter shade of Pale


Lovely players that continue, grinding on our WYD global game, selling all the items that they hunt all day just to obtain golds and be one of strong players in game..

i like how some players welcomes all the players in game and treat them as friends.. How we love this game and I will strive to create more blogs as i see them grows as a celestial from mortal,


This are all the players that i talked in game they are so cute in every way, like how Hypnotizers want to party me primarily to check my level, how skinhead keeps walking around and checked my weapon, how Chiana walk near me and say Hi to me, -Re7xokz- looks strong in everyway, yunaleska selling lucky powders i think so many players are interested, and lolz-AM-God where he challenge me and so cute for he is not yet a god, MKReynolds I asked him if he likes captain america for his cute logo, bloodiest the guy with a nice armor of deep blue in color. and Hakuro ask me if is there a firal that will make your armor flashy pink, he has nice name and i complemented it “thank you” as he said a man of few words.

This players that i will know that will be much stronger soon,

I will interview you all guys when that day comes, strong players.. stronger players in game.


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