Interview with OurDestiny

name: Maty
Age: 19
location: Egypt

Q:why are you in sweden academy not in Egypt?
A: I like sweden academy more

Q:How Long have you been playing:
A: i have been playing for about 3 months now

Q:favorite classes in game?:
A: I prefer foema for they are strong and can kill more monsters
as they are 1 of mobbers in game.

Q:Why do you play wydgobal:
A:different game and looks nice
thats why i joined it, its big different game. I wont quit WYD, coz i liked it any

way ill do my best here
its hard to find a game like WYD

I played many games before
but I quit all of them

Q:What are the games that you played?:
A:first, that game is Lineage II. Actually I was a GM there. I played it
for 3 years and got

the server is always full and there are many problems in game

Got bored and quit, I also become a GM there

Comments from Ourdestiny:

You know its my 1st time talking to someone from the GMs
i feel like im a good player and fair to everyone and special.


3 Responses to “Interview with OurDestiny”

  1. interview me CM Aruman! lmao jk. 😛

  2. Hamster-Heal Says:

    lol hey aruman i wanna have a fight with you. get your pwnage foema against mine i dare you xD its nice to see you tell granny nyx i sed hi

  3. Cooldude21 you will interviewd next ok ^^
    wait for me ^^

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