interview with the dumptires

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I have been really intrigued with the war happening in all servers, SHIELD the only guild that has all towns in 1 server, so let’s get this guy and get all the information we need.

CM Aruman:
• Good Day! dumptires, thank you for letting us interview you.

• hehe Good afternoon to you, its afternoon here lol ok good day then. xD well I think I can’t say no to a CM lol sides I’m flattered lol.
CM Aruman:
• That’s good, Good afternoon then; ok let’s start with the question are you ready?

• yes! Wait no math ok? Lol joke

CM Aruman:
• do not worry, no math questions here. Lol we can see your guild is quite successful, can you comment on that?

• hehe yeah I think it’s soon to be an uber guild or not, well I have many friends there hehe, but I think we can’t conquer server 4 without The Balance guild, they help the SHIELD guild so much. I really appreciate it, well now I think Zeus is pretty stuck up nuisance to us now lol, they keep hunting us and PK us in PK areas, well its ok to me if I’m the one who is getting PKed but my friends they’re still low level.

CM Aruman:
• Friends you mean guild mates?

• What!? Hello no, lol kidding yeah there my friends

CM Aruman:
• A guild that is bind with friendship, can I join your guild? Kidding but really a very nice guild. Any plans on your guild?

• I don’t really know how to plan, but I don’t want my friends to think that I’m not doing anything for the guild, so I think we will have to be strong for guild wars, join channel war and lastly join water shares. Well I really want to kill Kephra when ever his alive.

CM Aruman:
• I think that’s a pretty nice plan, hope you won’t let the guild down.

• I’m trying my best , or should I say I’m giving my best

CM Aruman:
• I know that I will see much of this Guild, I think we will need a part 2 on this interview. It was really nice to have you dumptires, I really want to see what will happen to you and your friends under this guild called SHIELD.
dumptires, a great leader a funny person also rich in friends, we will see this guy be one of the strong player in game.
Thank you very much!


A warning to all WYD Global Players… “We are watching you!”

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Image from Meet the Fockers movie.


Please be informed that due to alarming number of complains that we are receiving everyday in our Q&A section regarding those players that are using 3rd party program such as “cheat engine”, WYD Global Team doubled their effort and stricter to those players that are using any cheats or other 3rd party programs. Any players caught and proven true that they are really using any 3rd party Program will “Ban Permanently” including all their sub accounts.


Please be informed that we will strictly monitor Kephra for bug abuser, please be reminded that if we caught you doing such violation we will blocked
all your accounts including the main and the sub accounts for 2 weeks.

Thank you very much for your outmost understanding and cooperation!

WYD Global Team

a Whiter shade of Pale

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Lovely players that continue, grinding on our WYD global game, selling all the items that they hunt all day just to obtain golds and be one of strong players in game..

i like how some players welcomes all the players in game and treat them as friends.. How we love this game and I will strive to create more blogs as i see them grows as a celestial from mortal,


This are all the players that i talked in game they are so cute in every way, like how Hypnotizers want to party me primarily to check my level, how skinhead keeps walking around and checked my weapon, how Chiana walk near me and say Hi to me, -Re7xokz- looks strong in everyway, yunaleska selling lucky powders i think so many players are interested, and lolz-AM-God where he challenge me and so cute for he is not yet a god, MKReynolds I asked him if he likes captain america for his cute logo, bloodiest the guy with a nice armor of deep blue in color. and Hakuro ask me if is there a firal that will make your armor flashy pink, he has nice name and i complemented it “thank you” as he said a man of few words.

This players that i will know that will be much stronger soon,

I will interview you all guys when that day comes, strong players.. stronger players in game.

Interview with OurDestiny

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name: Maty
Age: 19
location: Egypt

Q:why are you in sweden academy not in Egypt?
A: I like sweden academy more

Q:How Long have you been playing:
A: i have been playing for about 3 months now

Q:favorite classes in game?:
A: I prefer foema for they are strong and can kill more monsters
as they are 1 of mobbers in game.

Q:Why do you play wydgobal:
A:different game and looks nice
thats why i joined it, its big different game. I wont quit WYD, coz i liked it any

way ill do my best here
its hard to find a game like WYD

I played many games before
but I quit all of them

Q:What are the games that you played?:
A:first, that game is Lineage II. Actually I was a GM there. I played it
for 3 years and got

the server is always full and there are many problems in game

Got bored and quit, I also become a GM there

Comments from Ourdestiny:

You know its my 1st time talking to someone from the GMs
i feel like im a good player and fair to everyone and special.

Good Day Gamers!

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Welcome to the blog page of your 1 and only CM Aruman, i will post here my blogs and also i will try to interview players in game on what they’re life is in wyd global and what is WYD global in there own eyes ^_^

i will update them here ^_^

–CM Aruman